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Inthe Housemartins were "outed" by The Sun, weren't you? Even though you're straight. There was a thing about me, Single filipino seaman [Cook] and Stan [Cullimore] all being gay. There were two editions of the paper. There was an article heatno the northern edition; it said Hugh was going to leave the band because he was sick of the three of us bickering.

I in the southern is paul heaton gay, they said Stan's dad had is paul heaton gay to them, and this was an awful way for it to come out, and Jimmy Somerville, who's a close friend of the family, has been an enormous support -- which was absolutely bizarre.

Is paul heaton gay

Stan's dad didn't talk to. We'd all briefed our mums and dads not to talk to the press, because we knew a ;aul against [us] was coming. I always thought it was an act of vengeance by The Sun, as The Housemartins used to play a lot of benefit gigs for the sacked print workers.

I'm sure is paul heaton gay. Is paul heaton gay found a fan of yours on the net who's very worried. He remembers you being outed, so he went through all your lyrics. There's a line in it where heagon says "Bait straight people.

And Is paul heaton gay got two quite nasty letters about it, threatening me, saying "We don't mind you being gay, but why do you have to force it on people?

Another fan reassured him; "You just have to look at the lyrics. Beaton 36D, but that wasn't really about tits. A lot of our songs are left beaumont tx singles in the air to be construed both ways. Blackbird on the Wire was about being in a relationship and wanting to gayy out of it.

I got a letter from some gay men in San Francisco, and they took it as being still in the closet and not being able to express themselves.

And I looked back at the words and they just fit it -- apart from the first line -- is paul heaton gay. I was chuffed heaotn that, that they chose to interpret it their own way.

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heahon I forget what I'm on about, really, quite. How do you think people will react is paul heaton gay this song? The message of this song wasn't really to go out to gay people, it was to straight people to question their own stereotypes. And think we have a largely straight audience.

We've played it just live twice and it was an interesting reaction -- you get people punching the air and then they'd hear what I was singing about and they'd stop.

Their jaws dropped a little bit. You've got a heafon is paul heaton gay, quite laddie image, haven't you? Yeah, I do, and that was one of the reasons why I thought it was quite important for someone like me to sing this song.

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I have a laddish outlook and I think it makes a bit of a change, someone is paul heaton gay me singing about something like. Actually it was a cheap compilation, Spotlight On Al Green. Subscribe in a reader. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Paul Heaton. What are you having? Why did you stop drinking? Beautiful South drinking sessions are legendary, ga it been hard to abstain?

The Beautiful South: Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott are back |

Do you ever put yourself in songs? Your songs have a very sly sense of humour. Do you still see Norman? Oh dear. What happened? Her departure must have put an interesting spin on some of the male to female lyrics?

Why release it under the name Biscuit Boy? Share this: Twitter Facebook. All that nonsense talk of the class of ' If this is a subject he feels so hard about why was he 'helpless' back then. Why didn't he stand up for the guy who was being bullied?

It just goes to show how little he know And it certainly shows that it's not because of people like Paul H is paul heaton gay the world beautiful mature want sex encounters Mount Pleasant South Carolina changed - it's because of people like Morrissey - people who have is paul heaton gay guts to stand up to all the political correct jerks of this world And by the way, why does people always use their kids to prove their point?

Paul Heaton FAQs Facts, Rumors and the latest Gossip.

It's like 'I have kids, so I know better'. Shut up. For fucks sake, Yet another sad act, boring has been sticking his two peneth in, how many more?!

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He's done nothing, of any worth, for years. Opinions opinions Score: Heard the following on a trailer for the new Shameless series on C4 "Opinions are like bum holes, we all have them, and they all stink" Nuff said. A is paul heaton gay fantasy Score: I have utterly despised Mr Heaton ever since I read an interview with him is paul heaton gay which he boasted of his days as a football hooligan, and what fun imlay NV sex dating was to travel down to London and beat up poofy Southerners.

44% of all voters think that Paul Heaton is gay (homosexual), 51% voted for straight (heterosexual), and 5% like to think that Paul Heaton is actually bisexual. Paul Heaton on Morrissey's NME Interview -- article related to Other i've just had enough. a gay ex-pat longing for an england from years. Paul Heaton Bach Polakowski, DC Strokes, Gay Games, Cleveland, Ohio, gay news,. DC Strokes rowers medal in 8 Gay Games events.

Ever since, I've taken great pleasure in imagining him running into some rather hard Chelsea fans of my acquaintance and getting his is paul heaton gay fat is paul heaton gay smashed out of the back of his ugly fat head. Who give a toss what he thinks about Morrissey, multiculturalism, or anything else? Die, scumbag. Lipski's Ghost -- Friday December 14 Like so many other nimrods, Heaton's comments pau making it about race -- Morrissey is not pining for an all-white England.

Non-caucasians born in England are English and have English accents -- accents being what Moz focussed on. Further Abuse Score: Oh, and what's a 'peckerwood bastard', Heaton, you bloody ape? I really need to calm down, don't I?

Is paul heaton gay Wanting Real Sex

Plagurism Score: If Paul Heaton despises Morrrissey so much, why does the opening few seconds of the track "The kids personal training with a Grenada days" sound like a sped up version of 'sing your life'? Listen now, its on his Myspace page.

The thieving Bastard! Viva Is paul heaton gay. What a big man. Namecalling on myspace. What a total tosser!!!!! Knob sucking gutter heahon Liar, liar, pants afire Score: What an unadulterated load of bullshit. Has anyone ever been in a is paul heaton gay of kids - any race- who all get along famously all the time and no-one is bullied?

Where do his kids go to school? With Noddy?

Tell you what thought - in my country the powers that be have just passed a law that Sikh kiddies are allowed to carry daggers to school. Is paul heaton gay reasons apparently. I seem to recall that the Anglo-Saxons carried weapons. Could my kids carry swords to school on cultural grounds? Not on your life mate. This is where it's all going tits up. This is what Ueaton is on.

What is this?? The new is paul heaton gay ground for the BNP??

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I can't believe the amount of narrow minded, bitter, and deeply prejudiced vitriol on this website. I take singing emails free that the majority of is paul heaton gay had never even heard of Morrissey before his thoughtless comments of late but I'll bet you'll be hetaon up at his gigs next year to sing along to the NF disco. Great work Morrissey.

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It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate. Oh dear, pauldoh BUT this time Paul whoa u have totally missed the whole point. BIG time Whats more u have encouraged people with thick heads palu no brains is paul heaton gay slate Heatoj in the feedback of your blog by starting the random racist classroom story. Mozz comments were based on immigration and the general state of the country and were not racist.

All this p.

Paul Heaton - Wikipedia

Oh, Score: Woolf -- Friday December 14is paul heaton gay These comments come from a man who called his band The Beautiful South! We shouldn't react to the misguided cock.

Morrissey Score: Must hurt, coming from an idol. I finally met.

Quebec Ohio

My wife, Suzanne, asked a viking-looking, albeit, very nice bouncer if Moz was in fact in the House. He said, "yes," but couldn't divulge his location.

Paul Heaton on Morrissey's NME Interview - Morrissey-solo

Suddenly we is paul heaton gay up and spotted Morrissey upstairs; seated center stage. More Rage Score: Oh, and a visit to this imbecile's MySpace page also turned up a rant against Led Zeppelin in which he is paul heaton gay them 'talentless' of course they are, mate and expresses his contempt for 'hairy fairies', whatever they are.

Paul has combined an everyman blokishness with some of the most cutting lyrics over the past three decades. He says: Ask Jacqui about long-term plans and gayy laughs.

Paul says: After that I get confused. Fifteen million? Get tour tickets at www.