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Do you need help with anything

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But the one that peeves me the most is this: Now, I know asking if I need help comes from good intentions, but it also comes from bad assumptions.

So me doing things solo is some aberration that might need fixing.

I could rant about this for a. How exactly can we respond to something like this?

The witu I see it, there are a few different options, each with their benefits and trade-offs. So check them out and mull them over:.

In my opinion, none of these are totally horrible — although dk sarcastic one is probably not the healthiest communication strategy — and each has its pluses and minuses. Do you want to just go about your day?

Or do you have the patience to have a longer conversation right then? Alex Ghenis, 27, is a policy specialist for the Berkeley, Calif.

Contact The Editor. So check them out and mull them over: Quiet and polite.

On the other hand, the questioner will still think newd was totally OK to ask, and probably go on doing it in the future. A little sarcastic.

A few responses come to mind: Of course, you do you need help with anything to deliver it softly to not have them wonder whether all folks in chairs are somehow bitter, but if done right it can change some minds.

Calm and educational. Hel one is cool and collected, and would probably be recommended by some Buddhist monks or Berkeley hippies.

The goal is that people will come out enlightened, sincerely apologize, and actually have all the info they need to digest the problem. It can be really worthwhile — but it takes some patience to run through the whole thing, and self-control to be calm every time.

Those last two are actually big things to consider: Hslp Do you need help with anything Bar Area.