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Cambodian girls names

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An alphabetical listing of Cambodian names and their meanings.

Please note: Some Cambodian cambodian girls names seem to have no particular meaning, perhaps chosen because they sound good or are in honor of. We have only listed names that had meanings.

Cambodian girls names I Am Look Real Sex Dating

If you know of a Cambodian name and its meaning that we have not included, please leave us a comment and we'll add it to our birls. Kalianne, Kaliyan, Kalliyan, Cambodian girls names F sweet darling; morally good; charming.

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Kunthea, Kun Thea: F the cambodian girls names of a flower, sweet smelling; good deed, kindness, favor. M rare in power or quality; supreme, magnificent, greatest. M rays of the sun going away from the Buddha, a traveler; last name of prominent Cambodian politician, Sam Rainsey.

Rathana, Rothana, Rottana, Rotha: F type of flower typically grows around Angkor Wat. F french origin - cambodian girls names plant grown in Europe and used in the production of beer.

M the name of a past Cambodian political leader. Sotear, Sothea, Sotheara, Sotearith: F compassionate, generous; sweet flower.

M spacious, large, expansive; long and detailed. CambodiaAdoptionConnection Search this site.

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Cambodian Names. Post Placement Reports.

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M wise, intelligent, scholarly, erudite. Book Store Marketplace.

M deity Anchaly: Morning sun Ary F: Knowledge Atith M: Sunny day, Sunday Bona: F beautiful flowers Bora, Boran: M ancient Boupha: F flower-like Borey, Bourey: M nakes, great city Bunroeun: M Center of energy Champei: F type of flower with fragrant white or red flowers Chamroeun: F from the fragrant tree; moon; Monday Chankrisna: F moonlight Camborian F moonlight which shines like a diamond Chann: F moon-faced girl Chanthavy: F beautiful moon girl, moon angel Chanthou, Chantou: F little wanting to put out Chaya: Cambodiaj glorious, praise Chea: F thought, idea; beloved, dearest Chhay: M attractive, charming Chhaya: F meditation, contemplation Chhorvin, Chhorvon: F online dating code Chivy: F Life Choum: F refreshingly beautiful Da: F rock, stone Dara: F bright shining star Davi, Davy, Daevy, Devi: F angel Davuth: M Lucky Jorani: F radiant jewel Kalianne, Kaliyan, Kalliyan, Koliyan: F sweet darling; cambodian girls names good; charming Kaliyanei: F beautiful, lovely, attractive Kanleakhana: F possessing character Kannareth: F angels Kanya: F cambodian girls names, virgin, girl Cambodian girls names F beautiful, heavenly lady Khean: M Pali for "Cambodian" Kiri: F rose Cambodian girls names F daughter of a respectable family; young woman Kong Kea: M Big water Kosal: F the fragrance of a flower, sweet smelling; good deed, kindness, favor Leakena: F cambodian girls names, characteristic, quality Leap: F melodious Makara: F Southeast Asian jasmine Maly: F flower blossom Naems, Mony: M greatest Mean: M friendship - as in between nations Mliss: F flower that grows in Cambodia Montha: M charming Munny, Munney: M wise Nakry: F sweet-smelling, night-blooming flower, similar to jasmine Narin: F small beautiful bird or girl Nearidei: F white four-leafed flower fragrant in the evening Neary: Cambodian girls names girl, gentle cambofian Nhean: M intuitive, knowledgeable Nimith: M transformation Nimol: M flawless Nisay: M great cxmbodian, truthful Nuon: F soft and tender, pleasant Oudom: M excellent, supreme, magnificent, plentiful Namees M prosperous Phally: F beautiful, good flower Pheakdei: F wreath of flowers Phirum: M comfort and brentwood adult Phirun: M rain Pich: M rare in power or quality; supreme, magnificent, greatest Pisey: